General Terms and Conditions

This text is translated from Slovenian. In the case of no understanding or improper execution it is valid

Splošni in posebni pogoji in navodila za potovanja za individualne aranžmaje, razpisane programe in skupinske programe ITT, Turistične agencije, Marija Šepetavc Turković, s.p.  in Slovene language

General Terms and Conditions


General conditions of operation, special conditions, offer and travel program are an integral part of the agreement for the travel arrangement concluded by the tour operator or seller of tourist packages

ITT, Tourist Agency, Marija Šepetavc Turković, s.p.

Trg komandanta Staneta 8, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

LICENSE ID TA: Organizer: 1972, Agent: 1973 DS: 46401962

(hereinafter referred to as ITT Travel Agency)

and the client (passengers or legal representatives of minors or disabled passengers, costumer) who is applying for a specific tourist arrangement.

In the event that in any program regarding any point of these General Terms and Instructions otherwise specified, the statement or the provision stated in the program shall apply.

The contract is concluded in writing between the ITT, Turistična agencija, Marija Šepetavc Turković, s.p.

Trg komandanta Staneta 8, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

and client.

If the client who book travel packet in the sale of ITT Travel agency does not submit a signed contract to the ITT Travel Agency, the contract is considered valid and concluded without signing, at the moment when the client paid the registration fee, part of the reservation. By signing a contract or by paying the first part of the entry fee or booking a travel arrangement or travel package, the client acknowledges that he is aware of all the provisions of the offer, travel program, General and special conditions and travel instructions and is deemed to have accepted them.

The traveler’s registration is binding. It can only be rescinded from it in accordance with the Cancellations terms of travel.

For a binding application, in addition to a written application, the signed contracts also count every order delivered in an oral or written form by telephone or internet.

The client is responsible for the costs and consequences resulting from giving incorrect information at the time of registration.


The tour operator is obliged to perform the services that the passenger has accepted with the offer, the travel program and the concluded contract. Tour operator will take care of the rights and interests of the traveler, in accordance with business practices in tourism.

The organizer of the trip is obliged and careful that all providers operate according to the rule and the laws for a good organizer or contractor when choosing providers or business partners who carry part of the trip, for example: (bus transport, air transport, day trips – rafting, cycling …) part of the arrangement.

Tour operator is liable for damage caused to the passenger for failure to perform, partial fulfillment or negligent performance of the obligations relating to the travel arrangement provided for in the law on obligatory relationships.

In the event that before or during the performance of the contract there are external, unusual and unforeseeable circumstances that could not be avoided (eg War, riots, strikes, terrorist attacks, sanitary problems, natural disasters, etc.), the tour operator has the right to resign from the contract or offer to the client a modified contract with the new offer and the modified travel price.

A new offer that has been modified and sent to the client’s e-mail is deemed to be accepted if the client does not cancel the previously concluded contract by a signed cancellation statement to e-mail:

marija@itt within two working days of receiving a proposal for a change of contract and a travel program.



The client is obliged to pay the tourist agency a subscribed travel arrangement in accordance with the travel conditions, travel program for the entire amount 30 days before the start of the trip. At the request of the tour operator, the traveler must provide in due time all necessary personal and other data that the tour operator need for the organization of the trip. The passenger must ensure that his identity card or passport or travel documents are valid in accordance with the statutory regulations of his issuing State and the laws for entry into the country where the traveler is traveling. The passenger shall ensure that the luggage fulfills the conditions specified by individual carriers, state borders, customs, sanitary, according to the regulations of the countries in which he travels or travels across borders.

During the journey, the passenger must inform the driver or the person in charge of the services on a journey in an oral or written form, in the event of incompliance or failure to provide services performed by subcontractors on a journey under contract. The client must notify also the ITT Travel agency no later than 8 days after the trip to the e-mail address:

The passenger is liable for damages arising from the failure to comply with the above obligations.


Unless specified otherwise in the program, transport, accommodation and catering services, organization and management of travel are included in the price of the package. Special services are those services that are not included in the price of the arrangement (single use rooms as those provided in the program, special meals, optional excursions …) or for which there are additional costs (airport tax/apt. tax) in the program.

These services are paid separately by the client. At the time of booking, the client can indicate the wishes for special services that, whenever possible, adds up to the price of the package. During the trip, special services are supplemented and will be payed on the spot (in the appropriate currency) by the client to the representative of the ITT Travel Agency in the place where the services are provided.

Categorization of accommodation facilities (number of stars or categorization of objects), listed in the program are local or national. ITT Travel agency is not liable for them.

Unless otherwise specified in the program, the prices of each tourist arrangement per person for accommodation in double rooms (these may also have additional beds).

If a traveler uses a triple room or more bedding in the hotel, this is usually a double room with extra beds. The quality of the extra bed is entirely dependent on the hotel. In any case, the organizer is not responsible for all quality issues with additional beds, and in the end, dissatisfaction arising for these reasons can not be the subject of an appeal.


A passenger applying for a program for traveling abroad must have a valid passport or other valid document by which he can enter a country.

In the event that individual countries condition the entry into the country with a fixed period of validity of the travel document before expiry on the day of entry, the traveler is obliged to pay attention to these provisions by himself. ITT Travel Agency for any inconvenience or forcibly terminating the traveler’s program is not responsible for this.

At the time of registration or by the deadline specified in the program, the client must provide the necessary information and documents for the visa of the country to which he is traveling. In case the passenger fails to comply with this obligation, the ITT Travel agency acts as the client has cancel the trip. In the event that for the client ITT Travel agency need to issue voucher or Letter of guaranty for VISA aplication, the ITT Travel Agency does not guarantee the effectiveness of obtaining a VISA and is not responsible if the VISA is disclaimed . The cost of acquiring documents for VISA, the ITT Travel Agency does not return to the client. Mediation of the ITT Travel agency is not included in the price of the program but is paid separately.

Due to the requirements in international passenger transport (airline, shipping, bus …), the client is obliged to provide all necessary information on all participants of the program that he registers for the travel packet. The data must fully match the information in the official documents that the participants are obliged to carry with them in accordance with the regulations on crossing the state border and relevant foreign legislative acts. In the event that the incorrect data causes a delay, additional costs or a break in the program, only the traveler is responsible for all costs incurred to the participants and to the ITT Travel agency.


  If a passenger loses documents or is stolen during the travel but is indispensable for continuing the travel program and / or for returning to his homeland, the passenger provides at his own expense for new ones. Regarding the formalities, passenger can contact the program manager or ITT Travel agency representative for advice.

In the event that a traveler has to stop the journey due to the loss or theft of documents, he is not entitled to a refund.


According to the World Health Organization’s regulations, it is necessary to vaccinate for travel to specific countries The client need to provide the appropriate document by himself.

Vaccination is also mandatory if such a regulation is adopted after the conclusion of the travel contract; this is not an excuse ground for termination of the contract, insofar as there were no contraindications to the passenger’s health. In this case, the passenger is obliged to submit a medical certificate.

In the event that certain vaccinations are mentioned or required in the program, each passenger must provide an international certificate – a yellow booklet, with completed vaccinations.

ITT Travel Agency is not responsible for any complications or a passenger’s interruption of the program, due to the passenger’s failure to comply with the health regulations of the country he is entering or the program to which he has applied.


ITT Travel Agency is not responsible for the destroyed, lost stolen or damaged luggage during the journey. We advise you to complete a package of travel insurance – for luggage.

The application for lost or damaged luggage shall be addressed to the carrier or hotel by the passenger himself.

Transportation of luggage to a certain weight determined by the carrier is free of charge. In air transport, the passenger has the right to free transport of certain luggage weight (according to the carrier’s specifications), and each extra kilogram shall be pay by the passenger himself on the spot, in the appropriate currency, or in accordance with the provisions of the air carrier.

Children up to two years of age are not entitled to free luggage.

In the case of air transport, only the airline is responsible for the luggage, on the basis of the regulations in force in international air passenger services.

In the event of loss of or damage to luggage, the passenger at the airport registers at the check-in for loss or damage to luggage, completes the PIR form of the airline company, which was the carrier and delivers it to the representative of the airline, and one instance is retained for himself. On the basis of the form, the airline reimburses the passenger compensation based on the rules applicable in international air transport.

ITT Travel Agency is not responsible for theft or damage to passengers’ baggage or other personal belongings, valuables and documents from accommodation facilities (hotel rooms, apartments, etc.) and means of transport (aircraft, buses, ships, etc.).


Every child, irrespective of the age and the amount of any discounts indicated in each program, must be indicated on the travel document or the application form / voucher and must have the valid documents required for entry to the countries where he is traveling.

In the event that the child is not listed on the travel document or the application form / voucher, this child shall be deemed not entitled to travel under this program.


For all programs, a price calculation is made based on the number of passengers anticipated in the means of transport. The tour operator must provide this information in the offer. If the group does not have enough passengers, the registered passengers must pay the empty seats on the bus to the calculated number. Exceptions are arrangements called “fixed price programs” where the tour operator assumes the risk of filling empty spaces.


Prices are determined by the travel program and are valid from the date of publication of the program.

ITT Travel Agency reserves the right to change the price of the program no later than 10 days before the start of the trip, in case of changes in the currency exchange rate or changes in the tariffs of the carriers that affect the price of the trip. If the price increases by more than 8%, the passenger can withdraw from the contract. ITT Travel Agency reimburses the paid amount to the passenger.

ITT Travel Agency may determine in the program that the passenger pays the services to be performed on the spot. In this case ITT Travel Agency does not act as a tour operator, not as an intermediary, but only as an informer. In this case, the claimant applies all claim claims solely from the service provider on the spot or abroad.

Additional options:

ITT Travel Agency can determine the price of the program in the program, but explicitly states that the price can be reduced if a certain number of passengers will apply, or other precisely defined conditions will occur. Such a provision does not in any way guarantee that the conditions for the reduction in the price of the arrangement will occur and the passenger can not withdraw from the contract because the conditions for a possible price reduction would not have occurred.

Any discounts and benefits are mutually exclusive and do not add up. If more discounts are foreseen, the passenger can choose the discount that best suits him.


Unless otherwise specified in the program, the transport, hotel and catering services listed in the travel program, as well as the organization of the trip, are included in the price.

Unless otherwise specified in the program, the prices of each program apply per person for accommodation in a double room.


Special services are those services that are not, as a rule, included in the program price (single room, special meals, optional extra trips, etc.) or are subject to additional costs (visas, airport charges, etc.) for the program, so the passenger pays them separately, unless not specified in the program.

In the event that special or additional services are issued to a particular arrangement, the traveler wishes to provide these services at the time of check-in, where he also pay them.

The published prices of additional or special services are valid only in the case of ordering and payment of these services upon ordering and payment of the basic program at the place of entry, unless otherwise specified in the program.

During the trip, the traveler shall pay special services to the tour manager or to the ITT Travel agency representative, at the place where the service is provided, in the appropriate currency, if it is still possible to subscribe during the trip, at the price applicable on the spot.


Each offer has two options for paying a travel / tour arrangement.

– The first option includes the payment of the arrangement to the bank account of ITT Travel agency (SEPA, VIRMAN ..).

Payment details:

Address of recipient, ITT, Turistična agencija, Marija Šepetavc Turković, s.p. Kunaverjeva ulica 9, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

IBAN or Transaction Account Number: SI56 1992 0501 3318 932


Opened at the Regional Bank Slovenia link DBS d.d.


– Another option is to pay with a bank debit card or credit card

ITT Travel Agency use for payment made by debit or credit card remotely, online or authorize the card over pos terminal ,using the latest security technologies, such as the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) security protocol with at least 128 bit encryption, such as also other technologies and security procedures to protect the privacy of their data. The exchange of confidential information between the online payment system and credit card licensing centers takes place through a virtual private network (VPN), which is completely protected from unauthorized access. Confidential credit card information is sent directly to an authorized online center.

The numbers and data of the cards, ITT Travel Agency does not store and are not accessible to us it without of MyPOSS. The data of the payer, which we can see, is standard on the bank statement.


The client, for travel arrangements arranged or sold by the ITT Travel Agency, can do the booking by phone, by e-mail:, via the web form at https: //www.itt-travelagency. com, in authorized or affiliate Travel agency.

At the time of confirmed booking, the ITT Travel Agency and the client enter into a contract, which is also valid as a travel document and contains information about a specific program or refers to the program where these data are provided. The Client is obliged to provide all the information and submit the documents and personal information from passport or Id card required by the ITT Travel agency and pay the registration fee or deposit at least 30% of the total price of the package, unless otherwise stated in the program or instructions.

In the event that the passenger does not provide correct information at the time of booking, he is responsible for all costs or consequences arising from incorrect data. The client’s registration is binding. It can only be rescinded from it in accordance with the cancel terms of travel.

The contract shall be deemed to have been concluded on the day of the written confirmation or the first payment of the reservation between the client and the ITT Travel Agency within the time limit specified in the program or offer from the ITT Travel Agency.

The client by signing the contract or confirming it with the first payment, he acknowledges that he or her is familiar with the General Conditions, Instructions and Travel Program and fully accepts them, and the General Terms and Conditions become a legal obligation for both the client and ITT Travel Agency.

ITT Travel agency, need by the received first payment, issue a booking confirmation to the client or conclude a written contract containing it with all the mandatory components of the travel agreement set out in the Consumer Protection Act.

ITT Travel Agency is obliged to issue a final letter or voucher to the client, which contains important travel directions, such as departure hours, departure and place from the bus station, contact accommodation data, route manager …) at the latest 3 days before the start of the trip.


The day of payment is considered the day when ITT Travel agency, sees the payment of the client on the statement of the ITT Travel agency Bank Account.

At the time of registration, the client pay the registration fee, the reservation and the cost of the reservation, or the amount for the moment of the service provided.

The reservation cost is 30% of the price of the package, or as much as stated in the program. The remaining part is paid by the passenger at least 30 days before the start of the journey, or as stated in the program. In the event that the remaining part of the price of the package is not paid by the client within the time schedule, it is deemed that he canceled the arrangement and the ITT Travel Agency shall comply with the General Conditions of the client rights in the cancellation terms.

The timely and properly paid entry fee and the registration costs guarantee the traveler, under the conditions specified in these General Conditions, a participation or a free place in a particular travel arrangement or travel.

At departure, the traveler is obliged to present to the travel manager or the service provider a document on the paid arrangement (application / voucher / payment certificate); otherwise, the travel manager does not accept the traveler.


A traveler who has health insurance in the Republic of Slovenia has the right to medical services in the country and abroad, in countries with which the Republic of Slovenia has signed the insurance convention to the extent that is in accordance with the conditions and regulations for health insurance. The European Health Insurance Card only covers emergencies in other countries.

In accordance with the Tourism Act and the EU DIRECTIVES, ITT Travel agency employees are obliged to offer to the client a “health and package of travel insurance, consisting of voluntary health insurance during their stay abroad, accident insurance, baggage insurance and travel cancellation insurance.

The client can make a travel insurance package with the insurance company or at his/ hers request, by the ITT Travel agency. ITT Travel agency in this case appears as the broker between the client and the insurance company.

By signing the contract or the first payment of the package, the client confirms that he has been offered a travel insurance package.


ITT Travel Agency reserves the right to cancel the trip or change the travel program in accordance with the applicable legislation. ITT Travel Agency reserves the right to cancel the trip no later than 7 (seven) days prior to the scheduled departure, if it is not registered enough number of passengers indicated in the program.

Unless otherwise stated in the program, the minimum number of passengers required for a particular means of transport is the following:

– for bus travel of at least 30 passengers,

– for journeys on regular routes in Europe, at least 15 passengers,

– for journeys with special planes, trains and ships or hydrocrys, at least 80% occupancy of them.

In cases where the ITT Travel Agency explicitly guarantees in writing the departure or ” guarantee departure ” cannot be cancel by the ITT Travel agency.

ITT Travel Agency reserves the right to complete or partial withdrawal from the contract if, prior to or during the implementation of the program, there are exceptional circumstances that could not be expected, removed or avoided (war, terrorism, natural disaster).

ITT Travel Agency reserves the right to change the day and time of departure on the route due to exceptional circumstances (eg new timetable, precarious situation in the country where the trip is organized, natural disasters, strikes or strike of carriers …), which could not be expected, or avoid them or dissuade them. The ITT Travel agency will change the program and inform the client as soon as there are extraordinary circumstances and the reasons for the change or cancellation of the trip. Costs incurred by the change of program are covered by ITT Travel Agency.

ITT Travel Agency cannot assume responsibility for program changes due to any force majeure during the program. In this case, ITT Travel agency can provide to the client services in a modified form, depending on the existing options.

In case ITT Travel agency  canceled the travel program, the client has the right to reimburse the paid price of the arrangement only in part of 70% of the price of the arrangement in case there are not enough passengers to register and does not have the right to reimbursement of visa costs required for entering the country, to be visited, or the cost of the vaccinations required by the program. In the event of cancellation of the travel program to the destination of travel due to force majeure for example (natural disasters, terrorism, strike of airline companies, strike items used during the trip, earthquakes, war …) ITT Travel Agency reserves the right not to return money to a client who has already paid a tourist arrangement.

The Travel Agency shall immediately notify the client of any subsequent changes to the travel program.

In the event that because of the exceptional circumstances that the ITT Travel agency could not expect or avoid or deter, the situation in the place does not allow the accommodation of passengers in the booked facility, the ITT Travel agency may, accommodate the passenger in in another accommodation of the same or higher category.

ITT Travel Agency shall not be liable for any damage caused by a passenger at the hotel or on a means of transport or any other service provider.


The client has the right to cancel his travel in writing by e-mail: In this case, ITT Travel agency is entitled to reimbursement of travel costs, the amount of which depends on the time when the client resigned, namely:

– up to 90 days before departure, administrative costs of 10% of the total price and actual costs incurred

– 89 – 60 days before departure 30% of the price,

– 59 – 31 days before departure 50% of the price,

– 30 days before departure 100% of the price,

– on the day of departure and after departure 100% of the price.

In case of absence of a trip without prior cancellation, the tour operator, ITT Travel agency shall have the right to claim 100% of the contractual travel price.

The amount of the cancellation costs of the arrangement, when the ITT Travel Agency is not a tour operator, is determined by the general conditions or other act of the organizer and the intermediary.

Regardless of the above-mentioned cancellation costs, they can also be higher when conditions of travel organization are conditioned by the ITT Travel Agency dictate the applicable conditions of sale and are conditioned by business partners.

In the event that the conditions for reimbursement of expenses due to cancellation are otherwise determined in the program, the conditions set out in the program apply.

Upon an oral cancellation of the program, the client must sign a written statement of cancellation of the program. In case it does not sign this declaration, it is considered that the program has not been canceled.

During the program, the passenger may interrupt the program only at his/her own wish and with a written disclaimer.

In the event that a passenger, at his own request, resigns from the program in writing, is not entitled to reimbursement, even if he has resigned due to circumstances that could not be avoided or deterred.

If a passenger changes his program or does not travel according to the program, which is an integral part of the contract with ITT Travel Agency during travel, the ITT travel agency is deemed to have resigned from the contract during the trip. In this case, the passenger is responsible for the costs and damages caused thereby.

  1. SALE OF TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS WHEN ITT Travel agency is not Tour operator

  ITT Travel Agency is not responsible for services on programs where it does not act as a tour operator, but only as an intermediary when concluding a contract on organizing a trip. In such cases it is solely responsible for providing information or mediation; from the tour operator or services provider the information received is handed over to the client.

All programs where the ITT Travel Agency is present, as an intermediary, are specifically marked, ITT Travel Agency is listed as an intermediary on the application / voucher.

The terms of the registration, payment and any cancellation of the trip are in accordance with the valid conditions of the tour operator or services provider.

It is considered that ITT Travel Agency is selling such programs on behalf of and for a foreign account.

A possible complaint is regulated by the client and tour operator and not with ITT travel agency.


In the case of ordering or selling the program via the Internet, these General Terms and Conditions for Tourist Programs and Special Terms or the Offer, published on the ITT’s Travel agency website at, shall apply.

In the event that the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions and the terms of the special conditions or offers published on the ITT Travel agency website are opposed by the ITT Travel Agency, the terms of the special conditions or the offer sent by e-mail to the client address apply.

A client shall be deemed to have accepted the terms of these General Conditions at the moment when he ordered by the ITT Travel agency the travel program, via the Internet

The essential condition for the validity of the application is to pay the subscribed service within the agreed time limit. In the event that the service is not paid within the specified deadline, it is considered that the service has never been ordered.


The information provided by the client at the place of registration orally does not bind the ITT Travel Agency more than the indications in the program.

In case of doubt, it is always considered a valid written program, written offer, written information or written explanation.

Prices, photos and advertising material on the Internet are informative, therefore ITT Travel Agency does not guarantee the completeness, accuracy of the data and their appearance.

The published web pages of the hotels serve for additional information. To the information published on the web hotel pages, the ITT Travel Agency has no influence and is not responsible for them.


For all programs involving air transport, the passenger receives a notice not later than 7 – 5 days before departure, containing additional information and details related to the program.

If he does not receive the notice within this time period, he / she must notify him where he applied, by phone, otherwise ITT Travel Agency would have assumed that the notification was received.

The costs incurred due to incomplete or incorrect addresses on the application / voucher, for which the notifications arrive in a timely manner to the addressee, shall be borne by passengers.


Each passenger has the right to complain or appeal due to inadequate service.

The passenger must, as soon as possible, inform the service provider, organizer or dealer or the local representative of the tour operator or ITT Travel agency, in writing or in another appropriate form, of any mistake that occurs during the course of the travel program on the spot.

If the deficiencies have not been remedied on the spot, the passenger may claim a proportionate reduction in the price after completion of the program due to incomplete or poor-quality services. The traveler is obliged to lodge a reclamation at e-mail in writing: within 3 days after the completion of the travel program. In the event that the time limit for lodging a complaint is delayed by the traveler, ITT Travel Agency does not consider them in substance.

Without a written complaint to the ITT, Travel Agency does not deal with requests for price reductions, damages and other claims.

The complaint must be signed and can be lodged by each passenger on his own behalf or authorized by a third party in writing. The authorization must be attached to the complaint, otherwise ITT Travel Agency will not address the complaint.

The complaint must be substantiated. Therefore, the traveler should therefore attach appropriate evidence and / or an appropriate certificate to the customer, carrier or other relevant person about the actual situation on the basis of which the passenger claims his claim.


Client voluntarily gives personal information to ITT Travel Agency. Personal data of passengers are necessary in the process of realization of reservation and contract of tourist arrangements. Personal information of the passenger will be used and forwarded to other subcontractors of the tourist arrangement, for example: (a hotel, a carrier, a restaurant, an adventure operator or a sports program, the conclusion of an insurance travel package …). This information is transmitted from the ITT Travel Agency in the form of an e-mail or printed in writing to a subcontractor. ITT Travel Agency undertakes to comply with personal data protection under the rule of personal data protection REGULATION (EU) 2016/679 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 27 April 2016 and the GDPR.

ITT Travel Agency does not assume the cost of damage or malicious use of personal data of passengers that were forwarded to third parties or subcontractors of the tourist arrangement.

ITT Travel Agency is not liable for damage caused to the passenger due to theft of personal information in the ITT, Travel Agency or on the Internet – the hacking of the domain, the server, the host and any other Internet software or applications provided and used by ITT Travel agency. The client with the payment of the first part of the price of the tourist arrangement confirms that he is acquainted with this and will not seek compensation or prosecuted ITT Travel Agency in case the third person misuses the personal information of the client and passenger.

Personal data will be stored in the ITT Travel agency Passenger Information Databasefor up to 7 years, if required by law that the tour operator or agency is required to follow. In practice, personal information, except for the photo of the passenger and the e-mail address of the ITT Travel agency traveler, is deleted by the ITT Travel Agency from its Passenger database annually no later than May for travelers who traveled or purchased a tourist program until the end of December 31 of the previous year.

The passenger agrees that his data such as the e-mail address can be used to send via e-mail the promotional offer from ITT Travel Agency.

By signing a contract, a passenger is deemed to agree to the use of this information also for the purpose of direct marketing, market research, segmentation of customers, statistical processing and informing about ITT Travel agency offers.

If the passenger does not wish to receive from ITT Travel agency offers, newsletter, he can declare this when registering for the program or after.


All passengers and legal guardians of passengers who are registered and paid the first part of the travel arrangement during their travel by the ITT Travel agencies agree and give consent to photograph, record and use the same materials for promotional and commercial purposes, without compensation and legal proceedings against ITT Travel Agency. This consent is confirmed by the signing of the contract or by paying the first part of the tourist arrangement.


Insurance insolvency of the tour operator ITT, Turistična agencija, Marija Šepetavc Turković, s.p. ,  is in accordance with the Law on the Promotion of Tourism Development (ZSRT) (Official Gazette of the RS, No. 2/04) and the Rules on the manner and procedure for obtaining a license for performing the activities of organizing and selling tourist arrangements, and the content and manner of keeping the register of licenses issued (Ur. RS 55/04), in case that ITT Travel Agency becomes insolvent, it has concluded a security policy for the guarantee and a guarantee letter for the insurance of the costs of returning passengers   from a tourist trip  at :

Zavarovalnica Triglav dd Miklošičeva cesta 19, 1000 Ljubljana, under the number:

  • Deposit insurance policy: TK48000700133
  • Guarantee letter for the insurance of the cost of returning persons from a tourist trip: TK49901341461

 In all prices from the ITT Travel agency offer already has a value added tax.

In the event of a dispute between the parties, the real court in Ljubljana is competent for all disputes. These General Terms and Conditions apply to all contracts concluded from the date of publication of the General Conditions.




Day of publication, May 10, 2018